St Mary's Major Trauma Centre
Imperial NHS Trust
The North West London major trauma centre is based at St Mary’s Hospital and provides a 24-hour consultant-led service for both adults and children. The centre covers north-west London and is one London's four major trauma centres. Major trauma describes multiple, serious injuries that could result in significant physical harm or death. This includes serious head, chest, abdominal and skeletal injuries, that have been sustained as a result of accidents, sport or violence. Ambulance crews responding to cases of major trauma in north-west London make an assessment on the scene and, if safe to do so, take patients directly to the major trauma centre at St Mary’s Hospital rather than the nearest emergency service. Some patients will first be stabilised in a local trauma unit before being transferred to St Mary’s Hospital for specialist trauma treatment. There are an estimated 1,600 major trauma cases each year in London, and many more patients who benefit from our major trauma services at St Mary’s Hospital.